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Research & Competition Profolio-Building Program

Our Advantages: Strongest Professor Team + Task System

The program has the strongest Professor group in history (all professors in the team have a doctoral degree or above). The tutoring projects for competitions and scientific research are not set according to class hours but are task-based. If students fail to reach the competition level or their work fails to meet the requirements, the tutors will continue to work with students. The program is set to be result-oriented, to ensure that students reach the target level. 

Our tutors, who are familiar with the competition system and know how to win prizes, help students plan a winning "portfolio" of competitions by participating in multiple competitions with schemes or similar contents. This is not as simple as splicing the tutoring of several competitions. The key is to need a powerful tutoring team to guide students to complete the requirements of multiple competitions efficiently at the same time and spend the shortest time to win the most and the largest awards.

Enrollment: Anytime from April to August. School holiday to September before school, Students can enter the program at different stages.

Key Mission: for similar competitions, students can use the same idea to derive multiple versions and participate in different business competitions, guide students to write essays on similar economic topics, contribute to different economic writing competitions, etc., and participate in multiple competitions at the same time, in this way, students can use the least time and energy to maximize the number of entries and the chance of winning. 

Faculty: both writing courses and competition camps are taught by university professors from the top 30 universities with doctoral students as teaching assistants. Online and in-person courses are also available. Our course is a task-based system. We will not stop tutoring until students' works reach the level of competition. We will flexibly schedule classes according to students' needs and do not calculate class fees based on class hours.

Scientific research projects: in the battlefield of college applications, where the competition has reached a max level, the unique advantages of doing scientific research projects, publishing papers, and adding heavy weights to students' applications have become crucial. If students can publish peer review papers at the high school stage, it embodies their research ability and academic potential. Similarly, the purpose of high school students participating in scientific research competitions is to reflect the scientific literacy and scientific research potential of high school students, both of which are convenient for universities to target high school students with outstanding academic abilities. Our Tutor Team is led by professors from top universities. Professors from Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and other top universities. Professors will guide the scientific research project, and doctoral assistants will conduct one-on-one tutoring throughout the project. For students who have a clear pursuit of academic interests, our tutor team will customize the scheme of scientific research papers, hand-in-hand teach students how to independently complete rigorous academic papers, and help students to stand out in high-quality academic competitions.

Class format: every other day or every two or three days, there will be homework assigned after each class, classes can be online or in-person.


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