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Welcome from the Head of School 

Biorn Maybury-Lewis 

B.A. Harvard College 

M.A. Johns Hopkins University 

PhD. Columbia University in the City of New York

       Greetings, and welcome to Boston Institute of Education! 

        I have no doubt that our website is providing you with a wonderful overview of the people, programs and philosophies that make our educational experience truly exceptional for students and educators alike. This site is a great place to begin to uncover what differentiate our school from many other schools in the Boston area. It is my hope that you will take some time to explore, reflect and project as you are introduced to our vibrant, diverse community.

        Simply put, BIE students embrace a wide range of curiosities, talents and academic interests coupled with a desire to discover their potential, realize their excellence and achieve greater success. Our small class sizes, open discussions and caring relationships enable our faculty to identify the specific strengths and interests of each student, and build upon them. At BIE, we don’t ask the question “How smart are you?” but instead we ask, “How are you smart?” Each individual’s answer inevitably allows our educators to teach the way students learn. The communications that begin here in our Newton campus and extend beyond Boston into a world of thoughts and ideas that expands students' horizons.

        I would invite you to learn more about this great school and the impact that it has made on generations of youth. Our website provides you with many ways to learn about our admissions process, faculty, staff and students, and the rich, supportive community that exists here. I sincerely hope you could take a brief minute to view the video on this page to learn more about what drives me and how the proposition of a BIE education is truly transformational for so many of our students.

We hope to see you on campus soon!

President of BIE

Dr. Biorn Maybury-Lewis

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